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Goolge Realtime (Real Time) Search – What is it good for?

Google’s Realtime Search has a new home at http://google.com/realtime and new tools to make your real-time search experience faster and more comprehensive. Learn about Realtime’s geographic refinement and conversations feature and learn how to set up your own Google Alerts

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Latest “shift happens” video – Did you know 4.0?

Media Advertising is going through the biggest change we have ever seen. What is your company doing to stay ahead of the pack? How are you using social marketing? Search Marketing? eMail Marketing? Convergence marketing? If your understand Today’s environment

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Social Marketing is all about building influence.

The idea of social media is to have like minded people connect to each other through respectful dialogue.. Like they have said for years (although I am not sure who they are?); “People do not like to be sold to,

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