Why Pay Per Performance SEO?

Pay Per Performance (SEO) search engine marketing is based on a simple principle: you pay based on the value / results we bring. This alone significantly increases your marketing ROI

In todays Search Engine Service environments there are two Types of companies:

1)      SEO companies with mass appeal price model that gets clients humming for $149

2)      Professional SEO service firms that are run in the thousands per month

Frankly, you get what you pay for so if you are a client of the former and compalin about being scammed by an SEO firm..

Well… you deserve it.. J

There are also two types of Pay Per Performance SEO companies out there:

1)      Those that get paid for ranking

2)      Those that get paid for sales or leads.

What would you rather have?

We negotiate our Pay Per Performance SEO services based on a best of breed hybrid model.

This provides our customers with less risk and allows us to pick & choose the customers with work with.

The perfect win/win.