What Does Internet Marketing and “Potty Training” have in common?

Looking at the title of this post, you would think that I actually came up with some analogy as to what Internet Marketing and “Potty Training” have in common but the fact of the matter is that this post has little to do with potty training and allot to do with how choosing a title for your posts, pages and/or web content can really help in converting targeted traffic…

The old way of stuffing keywords into your titles are long gone, not only is google ‘s algorithm getting smarter the average Internet searcher reads the title for spammy looking sites.

In other words, you might be losing out on good clicks by being a bit to spammy with your titles.

Let’s dissect our title here for a second..

“What does Internet Marketing and “Potty Training” have in common?”

Well the fact that I used the words “Internet marketing” might suggest that people clicking on this link would actually be interested in the subject and/or topic. The basis of a question as your title always makes the person reading it think and comparing “Potty Training” suggest that this might be a funny post..

So if you are reading this post..  HELLO…  thanks for dropping by but this post is really about how to choose your title in order to get targeted clicks..

So why “Potty Training”?

Well I am going through that right now and my 2 year old loves Elmo..

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