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Affiliate Marketing, FTC; What does it all mean?

As of December 1,2009;  The online world has been hit by changes made by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to its Guidelines Concerning the Use of Testimonials and Endorsement in Advertising  As defined by the FTC, an endorsement or testimonial

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Latest “shift happens” video – Did you know 4.0?

Media Advertising is going through the biggest change we have ever seen. What is your company doing to stay ahead of the pack? How are you using social marketing? Search Marketing? eMail Marketing? Convergence marketing? If your understand Today’s environment

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Quantcast Comes out with Top 1 Million Sites

Quantcast has just come out with a revised top 1 million site list.. Check it out here.

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What Does Ben Stiller, Ryan Seacrest & Twitter have in common?

Check out this bit on youtube… Kinda tells the tail of what is happening on twitter as I type.. 🙂 Ben Stiller & Ryan S

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Floggers Beware! – Hurray to No More FLOGS

For those that don’t know a Flog is a Fake Blog used by unscrupulous affiliate marketers to trick unsuspecting Internet browsers looking for reviews on specific products and services. The Flog looks like a real BLOG with unique and POSITIVE reviews

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