Toronto Garbage Strike Solution.

So I came back from Chicago this afternoon and had a lengthy conversation with a potential client.  Since we are both in Toronto, he had mentioned that he had the perfect solution to this garbage strike.

This is a bit comical, but goes without saying that the public is certainly NOT on the unions side on this one..

Frankly, I am in the opinion that unions served their purpose in the 30’s, 40’s & maybe 50’s but as far as I am concerned should be abolished.  Did you know that roughly 10% of full time employees actually belong to a union. 

Have you ever wondered why is it that when a union goes on strike it affects everyone??

Anyway back to the solution..

If you live in Toronto and you think this solution will work, please do not hesitate to spread the word. 🙂

Let’s all find out who belongs to the union, which employees are on strike.. go ahead and put down their name & address in a comment below and the ones who can.. simply DROP OFF your garbage at that address… that will put them back to work…  🙂

Ridiculous that at this strike is in the 3rd week already…  and Toronto has been on touted as a stinky city on CNN…