Customer Testimonials:

” Uri, I just wanted to thank you from all of us here at Crossways Images, Your dedication to our businesses is second to none. Our biggest fear of not having you here sitting with us was quickly alleviated when the sales started to come though. It is amazing how quickly you were able to recruit affiliates and those super affiliates you keep talking about.. 🙂  Thanks again..”

Dorota K

“Hi Uri, Your Workshop is top notch. I hope you had a great flight, the campaign that we structured  is already showing results.”


“Slapping Google back…  I love it. Your 3 day training program was exactly what we needed to restore our faith back in this pay per click game.”


“I could not be more pleased with how you are handling the account, your ideas, and your genuine all around support of my business. I feel very fortunate to have found you.”


“Your 3 day PPC Training workshop was spectacular to say the least. You were right on, our biggest constraint was thinking like an offline marketing business. We saw a tremendous improvement in our campaign right away.


“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for making me look like a star…..”

David Perlman

“Uri is a great talent, full of drive and initiative, with an unique ability to understand complex issues deeply, and help clients see beyond their current needs into the future.”

Sherwin S

“Uri is a forward thinking individual and very passionate about what he does and markets. He is very knowledgeable on emergent technology and its market spaces. He’s an excellent team player who goes out of his way to ensure success of any initiatives

Peter Dawson

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