Six (6) Steps to an Online Performance Based Marketing Campaign.

The greatest attribute that the internet has given marketing folks is the ability to track every aspects of an online marketing campaign. Below are 6 steps to create and succeed in using performance based online campaigns.

Step 1: Establish Team & Stakeholders.

Make sure you have the buy in from all stakeholders involved on the team which are accountable for web visibility, presence & online sales work-flow.

Step 2: Describe the Performance.

Describe the performance or action you are looking to achieve and how it will integrate with your online/offline sales process. Clicks, Leads or Sales are three examples of key performance indicators.

Step 3: Examine Marketplace.

Keyword / Competition analysis is key to the success of any campaign. More so, if keyword & Competitive Analysis is done right you would be able to reverse engineer your budget, goals and even results prior to campaign launch.

Step 4: Decide how to Track, Measure & Manage.

Develop the online work-flow to Track, Measure & Manage the Campaign to success.

Step 5: Selecting the right people.

Experience Data Driven Marketers are key to the success of any performance based campaign. Make sure these people, whether in-house or outsourced are comfortable in assessing current and past data sets.

Step 6: Manage Performance.

Performance based Campaigns are rarely profitable right out of the gate. Take action for desired results, Measure, Optimize campaign to Desired Results & Measure again. As they say;  Lather, Rinse And Repeat