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Paid Search –  PPC Management
Keywords are the currency of the Internet.

Paid Search is a model whereby the advertiser places their ads on advertising network, search engines and their respective content networks for either a bid or fixed per click price. These sponsored ads appear above or close to the natural organic search results.

The rise of Google has been predominately due to its Google Adwords practice and furthermore it’s Adsense Content network (it’s affiliate marketing program). The three largest operators of PPC Networks is Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter. Each has their place in the world of PPC Advertising.

Most PPC Campaigns fail even before they start. The three (3) biggest mistakes that we see time and time again through our customers are choosing keyword that are misaligned with the buy/sale process, wrongful setup of their campaigns and flying blind with NO testing process to insure business success.

Competition for keywords is getting fierce; the PPC landscape has changed dramatically over the past years to incorporate the user experience within its own algorithm.  Campaign managers must understand Quality Score, landing page optimization, creating authority sites or mini-sites among many other tactics to insure success & lower cost per click.

The GAP of knowledgeable “paid search” professionals
is getting larger by the minute.

Why choose us for your PPC Management Needs?

  • We Manage PPC campaigns on a Pay Per Performance Model for qualified merchants.
  • We can Optimize PPC campaigns and analyze what you are currently doing wrong.
  • We can provide customized PPC Training to your staff get up to speed on the environment.
  • We have full understanding of both the Pre-Click and Post Click Marketing initiatives.

We provide the service, you pay based on results!

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