Online Media Buying & Planning

Over the past decade there has been a fundamental shift in advertising dollars are being spent. Just in the year 2000 advertising-based media, such as broadcast television, radio, newspapers and magazines accounted for roughly 65% of total advertising spent.

Where do you think that majority of that spent is today?

What does online media buying mean for you?

In short, every business, large or small, can compete in the same battlefield.

The world of Online Media Buying is in constant flux. New and innovative interactive advertising options are constantly being introduced like geographically and behaviorally-targeted advertising. Online media buying requires more knowledge because of the greater complexities, and launching a successful online advertising campaign only grows more challenging, not less so. And unlike in traditional media, due to fewer standards and consistencies in advertising opportunities, online ad campaigns often require the development of the media plan before the ad creative can even be formalized.

The Internet has allowed even the small business to facilitate large media buys and we help out customer do it on a Pay Per Performance Basis.

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