Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization

Making a sale may or may not be the primary objective of your landing page.

Your Landing page will have one of three primary focuses.

  1. Make a sale
  2. Get a lead
  3. Provide valuable information that the visitor is seeking in order to facilitate an online conversation

If your current landing pages do not provide any one of the above to the visitor, then user experience is lacking, conversion are too low and you are most likely overspending to get a visitor to your landing pages. (Even if it is F.R.E.E traffic)

Three of the biggest mistakes we see our customers make time & time again.

  1. No Call to action
  2. Call to action NOT above the fold
  3. Offer does not match visitor intent.

Which of the above three objectives is the purpose of your landing pages?
Is your landing page optimized?

Your Landing page optimization initiatives are key to understanding
the who, what, when, where & how of your marketing campaigns.

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