Post Click Marketing

Post Click Marketing Services

Post Click Marketing initiatives are referring to optimizing the visitor process or user experience after the click. The idea of optimizing your current traffic just makes business sense.

Think about the following scenario:

Company X attracts 1,000 visitors to a specific page on their site at a cost of $0.38 per visitor (advertising costs of $380.00). Their landing page converts a form submission at 1.2%. These leads are worth $18 each to Company X. If by making subtle changes in the post click marketing process, Company X would be able to convert at 2.3%, where would suggest Company X invest their money & efforts?

The idea for Post-Click Marketing initiatives is to obtain An “Optimized” Return for every dollar spent. We help our customers with optimizing their mini-sites, landing pages & Conversions by implementing and/or utilizing web analytic & tracking tools.

We provide the service, you pay based on results!

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