Revive Your Affiliate Program

Revive & Grow your Affiliate Marketing Program

Are you running a stale or neglected affiliate marketing program?

Leaks are the biggest deterrent for experienced affiliates. If you program has these leaks this will likely leave you with inexperienced and unmotivated affiliates. Your affiliates send targeted traffic, not sales; the conversion of traffic to sales is your responsibility, not your affiliates.

Affiliates are in this business of making money. Advertisers need to keep in mind that their affiliates get paid on actions such as sales or leads. That being said leaks are like cancer to your affiliate program. They are a path to an untracked source of income or action which is not shared by the affiliate. The three most common leaks are untracked phone number, a link to a network or another store which the affiliate does not share revenues in and advertising units. After doing some analysis on your current program, we will help in shutting off those leaks by recommending certain shut off valves… 🙂

We would also reevaluate the following:

  • Newsletter to affiliates
  • Promotions & Coupons to motivate affiliates
  • Devise and implement growth strategies
  • Assist with promotion of client program
  • Analyze & Monitor current affiliates
  • Design creative media, banners, text links, data feeds,
  • Interpret and evaluate ROI analysis

Once we have a good understanding of your program and it’s intended outcome we can help you in devising & implementing growth strategies using the same tasks as seen in affiliate program setup and  affiliate recruiting sections.

Every business is different. We urge you to find out if
our Pay Per Performance service makes a good fit.

We provide the service, you pay based on results!

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