Full Affiliate Program Management

Outsourced Affiliate Program Management

Affiliate Marketing is not about generating “cheap” advertising
but rather developing profitable, strategic, long-term win-win relationships.

A successful Affiliate Marketing Program will never be a completely automated solution. As a merchant (advertiser) you have three options when it comes to the management of such programs. You can outsource the full management of the program, run the program through a new hire or add the function to an existing employee. Your success is hidden in the details, and the details take some time and effort to perfect.

Regardless which route you decide to go, in-house or outsourced, you must make the necessary resources available for the management of your affiliate program. Otherwise don’t start a program at all. Damaging your brand and/or wasting money on unqualified transactions are just some of the symptoms of neglected or poorly managed programs.

Our typical engagement encompasses the setup of your affiliate program as well as continual affiliate recruitment process of the program. We deliver exceptional value and solutions on a pay per performance model. This equates to NO RISK on your end.

Every business is different. We urge you to find out if
our Pay Per Performance service makes a good fit.

We provide the service, you pay for results!

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