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Super Affiliate Recruitment

Affiliate recruiting is a very time consuming task. It should not be looked at as a one (1) time initiative. Keeping in mind; the goals of the advertiser. Recruitment efforts should be limited to affiliates which whom there is synergy with. The idea is that targeted traffic will always outperform generic traffic.

We utilize home grown tools to automate some of the manual processes of affiliate recruiting. These tools coupled with our growing in house list of super affiliates attained through our own web properties makes us a terrific partner for your affiliate recruitment needs and at any stage of your affiliate marketing program.

As affiliate marketers ourselves, we understand that in order to attract, retain & motivate affiliates we needs to increase the maximize profits per visitor. We recommend to our customers the steps they need to take in order to close the gaps or leaks within their sales / lead generation processes.

Besides Compensation, These are just some of the attributes
an affiliate marketer is looking at.

We take metrics such as “% of active affiliates” very seriously, knowing that the successful affiliate marketing programs do not stop at simple recruitment. Affiliate Marketing is not about generating “cheap” advertising but rather about developing profitable, strategic, long-term win-win relationships.

Every business is different. We urge you to find out if
our Pay Per Performance service makes a good fit.

We provide the service, you pay based on results!

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