Our Pay for Performance SEO Model

Since our inception in 2008/2009 we have always tried to go to market being a different type of digital marketing firm. From an SEO perspective, we perfected our model to accommodate all that is wrong with current models today.

Unlike other SEO service providers;

  • We Share the Risk of Doing SEO so our clients do not have to take all the RISK
  • NO Monthly fees
  • NO Minimums Keywords (start with 1 keyword)
  • NO Long term contractual obligations

In order for us to achieve this optimal pay for performance SEO model we will ONLY consult you on your on-page optimization needs but expect you to do the changes.

We know exactly what we need to do from an OFF-page Optimization to get you ranking within the first page of Google.

And we just do it….

Contact us in order to fully understand how our model works.

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Why did we decide to provide a performance based SEO service:

We started providing our pay for performance seo service at the end of 2010 because most of the people we were talking to did not meet our needs for our web marketing management services. After speaking with these client in great length they wanted to work with us but we simply did not have a service that we felt would be a win/win.

These clients still needed a provider to help, so we created this model based on what would be the fairest way for us to show our worth and still make it worth our while.

This model is a great stepping stone for clients to see what we can do from an SEO perspective and then move forward with us to a full blown marketing service.  Our Outsourced web marketing manager model. In other words, our performance based SEO model is a great starting point for clients to see what we can do with little to NO risk on their end.