One to One Marketing Coaching Program

Most business owners I talk to are sitting on huge untapped profits and their biggest problem is not the lack of ideas but knowing where to focus their marketing or how to systematically start tapping all the money they could be making and how to do this in less time with less effort.

Yes, when you focus on the key proven marketing strategies that are the right one for your business and your expertise you can actually cut back on the time you spend on marketing and the costs, saving tens of thousands of dollars each month, while your business continues to grow.

Where could you be making more?

  • Generating more leads with their ads, mailings and websites,
  • Converting more of these leads into eager prospects,
  • Closing more sales,
  • Increasing per customer profits with cross-selling and up-selling,
  • Getting more repeat sales,
  • Retaining more customers and profits,
  • Getting more referrals,
  • Making better use of marketing partners.

You may already know a lot about marketing but are you systematically maximizing your profits and your business potential? Instead of getting a bunch of advice from a consultant telling you what to do, most of which you already know, I’ll show you what actually works and how to put these ideas into practice.

  • As a coaching client we schedule two (2) sessions every month totaling 3 hours in length.
  • Each session is packed full of tailored online marketing knowledge that would help you in attaining your goals
  • I can talk about any strategy and any tactic because I spend over $20,000 yearly on mastermind groups & online education. This does not include amount spent on practical knowledge while I implement & test all these strategies & tactics in my own lab

As a coaching client you can get to skip all the mistakes that many others are making and focus on what is going to make you money. We train using a screen emulator which you will have access to. We provide you with step by step actionable plans & implementation knowledge.

100% Money back guarantee (3 months)

  • I promise to provide you 200% return on your monthly investment by end of month 3
  • You must be a customer in good standings for at least 3 Months
  • You must show proof of tactical implementation

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