Pay For Performance SEO – Rant

Dear unsuspecting seo service Seeker:

Late last year we decided to role out a new service that is primarily based on Search Engine Optimization Only. Two+ years ago when we started our pay for performance internet marketing services there was no one in this industry that was providing performance based anything.  Today, there are numerous companies that have jumped on the bandwagon to offer performance based SEO only service that in reality aligns their pockets with allot more money than their standards seo packages do. It is unsuspecting customers that get hurt at the end.

Their claim to fame:  NO RISK

One of the main reasons besides providing good value to this industry was to combat these NO RISK, whoops I am paying 2x as much as seo packages service. Our Pay For Performance SEO service is based on the premise that we share the risk of SEO with our clients. Unlike our competitors in this space:

We do not charge a monthly fees

We do not have minimum number of keywords

We DO SHARE the risk of SEO

At the end of the day, our model has proven itself in creating the ONLY win/win scenario in the SEO industry. In the past 4 months we have helped rank close to 120 key phrases within the top 10 rankings for customers whom have chosen this service.

The reason for this post is to rant about a call that stuck with me from a guy in Houston that basically yelled at me because our Model is a shared RISK model and not NO RISK. Frankly, the biggest reason for this rant is because he kept me on the phone way too long and I just could not give it to him on the phone as it is not our style.

He TOLD me that pay for performance = NO RISK for him…

I simply said,  NO RISK =  No REWARD…  that is just business..

@ We created our engagement models based on the value that we bring to our customers.  We are not everything to everyone. All our models are based on a win/win scenario created through partnerships, understanding and good karma.

No such thing as a free ride Enrique..  I hope you read this and I hope you come back to post a comment.  I would love to keep this conversation as an open dialogue.