Keywords Are The Currency of the Internet

We did one of our PPC Training Workshop last week which just showed me how big this knowledge GAP for successful online marketing SEM Initiatives really is.

“Keywords are the currency of the Internet.”

The most important part of Search Engine Marketing is choosing the correct keywords. The basis of our Pay Per Click Training workshops is to instill the following rules to keyword research.

1) Pick keywords and phrases with traffic.  This sounds easy enough, but did you know that roughly 90% of keywords get little to NO traffic. With all the F.R.E.E. tools available online, why do people still guess at choosing keywords? What keywords are you currently ranked for? are you getting what you want from those keywords?

2) Target Keywords that have the intention that you are looking for. Every user has some intention when they type in a particular phrase into any search engine.  Can you see the different in intent between “Jeans” and “Levis 301 Jeans”?  Microsoft Adlab has a terrific Commercial Intent Tool that can help you with that.

3) Target Keywords with Lower competition. Do your market research carefully and find the low hanging fruit within your industry and STOP fighting the battles you can’t win.

Now Go Revisit Your Keywords Today!