–> Highlighting 2011 and Moving forward to 2012

Some Highlights for 2011:

We are fifteen (15) fulltime employees strong & two (2) part-timers. Our outsourcing model has always been a win/win/win for our employees, our clients and for us in that our forward thinking workforce has been able to employ 22 full/part time employees of their own to keep up with our demand. This year has been challenging because of the increased natural disasters around the world, but we have been able to manage this well internally and provide exceptional service to our clientele.

Our clients have experienced year to year online growth of 68% to 344% and more importantly to us we have been able to provide our clients with a 282% monthly return on every dollar spent to us.

We have been playing with numerous “Pay for Ranking” models for 2011 and have come up with a model that is truly the “ONLY” Shared risk performance SEO model of its kind.

Moving Forward to 2012:

Since our inception in late 2008 we have been able to double in size every single year and 2012 will not be an exception. What we wish for ourselves, we wish for our clients; we are proud of the fact that performance based marketing allows us to work very closely with our clients and locate new profitable sources of traffic that is geared towards their individual businesses. This is an ongoing task that we are excited to take on as it helps all of us succeed. The plan is to continue to work hard in creating, optimizing and growing online sales systems for our clients.

We are swollen with pride of our accomplishment and before closing shop for 2011, we wanted to thank our clients, our employees; our readers & certainly Google for making us all sweat every once in awhile… 🙂

Here is to a Healthy, Happy & Prosperous New Year. (In whichever order you choose)
Happy Holidays!


Uri Lederman (Your Friendly Neighborhood; Web Marketing Manager)

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