Google’s Disavow Links; Another Tool for the Negative SEO Arsenal?

Wow I can’t believe it, Google has done it again with their “Disavow Links” Tool. If you have not heard already Google has made this tool public for any webmaster whom is ready to let google know about all their misbehaviour… ūüôā

Here is a video with matt cutts¬†explaining¬†this “Disavow Links Tool

My two cents and opinion at this early stage:

1) Google is getting more ammunition by unsuspecting webmasters who will gladly share all the terrible places they put their links on. This will¬†undoubtedly¬†create a huge database of what Google will consider “bad neighborhoods”

2) The Disavow Links tool will be used by unscrupulous Negative SEO firms which have cropped up since their penguin updates¬†to basically tell on or “disavow links” that are based on their competitors links.

3) If you think that this tool will help you come out of whatever it is your are in. ¬†Good luck. ¬†Webmasters that have no idea what they are doing SHOULD NOT BE USING THIS tool…

Would love to hear your thoughts??