Google Tag Manager is here!

Google Tag Manager

Quick Introduction to Google Tag Manager:

What is a Tag?

Tags are small pieces of code that webmasters ad to their sites in order to let site managers measure traffic and/or visitor behavior.

Why Manage Tags?
Adding tags without good site management creates issues by bogging down site code and actually slows down your website speed which in todays Post Panda world is a no no. It is also very time consuming for marketers to wait for IT people to implement these tags which delay the organization in meaningful metrics. Google Tag Manager eliminates these issues.

How Does Google Tag Manager Actually Work?
Goolge’s Tag Manager keeps track of tags and tag-firing rules by implementing only one site wide tag. When a visits comes to the site, a pixel is fired through the browser and the correct tag is shown.

Here is a quick video:

At the end of the day this is really a very cool, fast and reliable way to track & measure what your visitors behaviour is on your site. Also, this allows Google to “continue” to acquire unbelievable data on both your site and visitor’s IP address.

Frankly speaking; even without Chrome, google can get all the data in the world.. amazing..

Hats off.. any thoughts?