Accountability Through Pay Per Performance Marketing


This morning I had the pleasure of sitting in on a conference call with a company (I won’t mention any names cause this ad agency knows who they are) that has subcontracted myself to actas their Internet marketing expert. The conference call was in regards to helping their potential customer to initiate post click marketingtesting in order to facilitate higher conversion rates for a specific campaign.

The contractor initiated a conversation about their solution for conversion optimization services. I proceeded to ask the end customer the who, what, when, where & how of the campaign and what are they currently doing to track results. I was rudely interrupted by the contractor (I won’t mention any name, although I want to) who proceeded to talk about their solution. 

I found it amazing that a “so called” professional service firm can talk about a solution to problem they just don’t understand. It wasn’t the first time I had this type of conversation with this contractor; BUT IT IS THE LAST as I savoured the contract.

In today’s Internet environments there are certainly no shortage of companies that talk the talk but cannot or will not walk the walk. It is amazing how many companies simply do not drink their own Kool-aid.

Frankly, the Internet is such a perfect medium for tracking; I find it very hard to believe that there are not many more companies that are accountable for their services through pay per performance initiatives like our firm is.

eh contractor; if you are reading this good luck to you. I cannot be involved with someone that will fail even before they begin…..

Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone know of other firms that are willing to put up or shut up?