About Us

Our Team of professionals consists of Dedicated Affiliate Managers, Search Engine experts & Internet Business Professionals with a combined 65+ years experience as On-Line Internet Marketers.

  • Each one of our dedicated members bring on extensive tactical experience for each engagement.
  • We operate our own affiliate marketing businesses (in other words: we drink our own cool-aid)
  • Our value-add is Strategy, while getting paid for tactics & execution.
  • Accountability to our customers is our numbers #1 priority. We collaborate with you to understand your business in order to insure your objectives are met through our Pay-Per-Performance services.

Our Pay Per Performance approach to this business is unique in that everyone in the process benefits and all parties have an equal stake in the success of your business. it is our vast knowledge and experience in the online internet marketing arena that we bring to that table.

In our fast paced environment, yesterday’s information is just that
— Yesterday’s Information.

As Affiliate Marketers ourselves we continuously embark on testing new tactics & strategies. We provide your business with the expertise in sifting through all the “information overload” and quickly getting to what your business is really looking for.

An “Optimized” Return for every dollar spent.

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